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Advertising Employment, Voluntary and Training Opportunities

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Advertising Employment, Voluntary and Training Opportunities

To View the current Vacancy document, please click here

The childcare sector is in need for qualified employees, but also offers excellent training opportunities.
You can advertise your vacancy on the Buckinghamshire County Council public website. The vacancies are available to view on our web link below. Organisations such as children’s centres, training providers, also careers advisors all share links to our vacancy bulletin.

We continue to receive great responses to this facility, which is of no cost to any childcare or training provider who use it. We encourage everyone to use it to fill their childcare employment, voluntary and training opportunities.

If we have your vacancy, or training opportunity, anyone interested in working in childcare can view the bulletin list and will contact you directly to apply or discuss further.

How do I advertise a vacancy?

Simply complete a vacancy form using the guidance notes to help that is relevant to your vacancy, which you can email to us. If there are any amendments or the position is filled before the closing date, let us know. Please note that your vacancy will automatically be removed from the list on the closing date, you will need to contact us if you wish to extend your vacancy beyond the closing date

To advertise an employment vacancy, please complete a vacancy form
To advertise an Apprenticeship Vacancy, Please complete an Apprenticeship Vacancy Authority Form

In response, to a number of requests by various providers, we have extended the vacancy support available to Pre Schools committees. You can now place a vacancy for a committee volunteer role, whether it’s one of the three main roles on the committee ie Chair, Treasurer and Secretary or a committee member, free of charge.



In order to ensure that our service to you is useful and valuable, please keep in touch with us and give us feedback on how you have found the service and if it has been successful in filling your vacancies.




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