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It is our aim to provide regular updates on sharing information with Health matters.

Public Health England

Caring for children during winter months

As winter approaches, it is important that early years, child care settings and schools are reminded and updated on important health considerations for their pupils/students, parents/carers and staff for the prevention of winter infections.

Public Health England have issued information for professionals in early years and child care settings.  Do read through and take action:

PHE South East winter infection prevention packs for schools/nurseries


Pre School Vaccination - School starter letter - the NHS have recently sent a letter  out advising of vaccinations for 3 and 4 year olds (Pre School). 

Notifications of infectious diseases (NOIDs)

Notifiable diseases and causative organisms: how to report

EYFS requirement:
3.51. Registered providers must notify Ofsted or the childminder agency with which they are registered of any serious accident, illness or injury to, or death of, any child while in their care, and of the action taken. Notification must be made as soon as is reasonably practicable, but in any event within 14 days of the incident occurring. A registered provider, who, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with this requirement, commits an offence. Providers must notify local child protection agencies of any serious accident or injury to, or the death of, any child while in their care, and must act on any advice from those agencies.

 Thames Valley Public Health England Centre (TVPHEC) guidance

Please note that useful guidance on individual cases of infection be found at http://www.hpa.org.uk/web/

Also, for occasions when animals may visit the school/nursery or there may be trips to petting or open farms please see http:/www.face-online.org.uk/

Please do not hesitate to contact TVPHEC on 0845 2799879 if you have any queries in relation to the control of infections/outbreaks in your school or early years setting.

Flu Vaccine for 2, 3 and 4 year olds

Network Nurses for the Children’s Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) are working to increase the uptake of the Flu Vaccine for 2, 3, and 4 year olds in Bucks.

Please make this information available to parents and carers in your setting. 

Posters for Display
5 reasons Flu poster
Who gets which vaccine poster

Parental and practitioner NHS Advice Sheets

NHS Fever Advice Sheet 
Advice for parents and carers of children aged 5 years old and under.
NHS Accompanying Letter 
Advice for parents and carers of children aged 5 years old and under.
NHS Gastroenteritis Advice Sheet 
Advice for parents and carers of children under 5 years old and under.
Infection Control In Schools 
Head injury 
Advice for parents and carers of children aged 16 years and under.
What every parent needs to know about Jaundice in young babies.
Bronchiolitis Advice Sheet  
Advice for parents and carers of children aged 2 years old and under.

Health Visitor Contacts

We are delighted to announce that Health Visitors contacts have been received and have been allocated to Children Centres within the Local Authority. A further 21 Health Visitors will complete their training in Buckinghamshire this year – this is a significant increase on previous years.  


Managing Cases of Infectious Diseases

Schools and nurseries are common sites for transmission of infections. Children are particularly susceptible because:

  • they have immature immune systems
  • have close contact with other children
  • sometimes have no or incomplete vaccinations
  • have a poor understanding of hygiene practices


The guidance are a practical guide for  staff on managing cases of infectious diseases in schools and other childcare settings.  The aim is to provide information for staff about managing a range of common and important childhood infections in settings including schools and nurseries. The guidance is not intended to be used as a tool for diagnosing infectious disease but to help and direct staff about where and when to seek further advice. Staff can be encouraged to prevent and manage infectious disease in their setting by promoting immunisation, promptly excluding children or staff who are unwell and ensure that effective hand washing is routinely carried out.


 BCC New Public Health Responsibilities

From April 2013 Buckinghamshire County Council assumed new public health responsibilities. These include responsibilities in relation to:  

  • Health improvement – addressing the broader determinants of health and lifestyles
  • Health protection – addressing infectious diseases, environmental hazards and public health emergency preparedness
  • Health services - providing advice to health care commissioners - e.g. needs assessment, service planning, quality, efficiency, effectiveness and evaluation

This transfer will include the transfer of staff and resources from the NHS.

Preventing Unintentional Injuries

Public Health England have published a useful guide for childcare providers working with children under five years



Updated 1/11/2018

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