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Children's Centres

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Children's Centres

Children’s centres support children’s learning and development through the EYFS, with an emphasis on increasing parental knowledge and understanding.

Children centre locations and services

Planning and Evaluation

Assessing and Tracking Children’s Development 

Early Years settings will also be assessing children’s development and tracking their progress. Some centres are already working closely with their local settings, sharing relevant information about individual children or groups of children. This enables centres to provide sessions and services, tailored to local needs. The tool above is designed to help children’s centres to gather data about groups of children in local settings (without individual children’s names).


You can find information about our bespoke training packages, in-house training opportunities and training courses in our Services for Early Years Providers Brochure 2018-19. The training calendar for 2018-19 has information about dates and venues for each course.

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