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Childminders and Nannies

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What Are Childminders?

Childminders are people that work with children for more than 2 hours a day in their own home for a reward. In England childminders are registered with Ofsted (Office of Standards in Education) and are regularly monitored by Ofsted to ensure they are providing an adequate child care service.


It is the Childminder’s responsibility to ensure that the correct documentation is always kept up to date and that the children are cared for in a safe environment.

For more information about applying to become a childminder, please click here

What Are Nannies?

A Nanny provides childcare for one or more families in the families home.  Some Nannies “Live in” with the family that they care for; however it is becoming more popular to employ part-time Nannies. Nannies that provide care for new born babies throughout the night are known as “Night Nannies”

Unlike Childminders, Nannies don’t need any formal qualifications; however they do need a Paediatric First Aid qualification (which will need to be updated every 3 years), up-to-date knowledge of Safeguarding procedures, a DBS check and have a valid insurance.

Also unlike Childminders any working Nanny doesn’t need to register with Ofsted. There is however a voluntary Ofsted registration  available to Nannies; by registering with Ofsted the parents that the nanny work’s for would be able to receive some financial contributions in the form of Tax Credits/ Childcare Vouchers (subject to eligibility).  

More information about Nannying can be found here

Register as a nanny: quick guide - How to become an Ofsted registered nanny, what you need to do and what it costs.

For more information about Voluntary Ofsted Registration, please click here

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