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Child Protection Conference Training

Want to know more about how threshold is determined for ICPC conference, what is the purpose of ICPC conference, what will happen during an ICPC conference? Go to our events page where you can book yourself onto a training date.

Thinking of becoming a childminder?

Due to a high demand from parents for childminders both in the Waddesdon and Princes Risborough area, we have a new Ofsted Briefing date this month and July for anyone interested in looking into childminding for a career.

Transfer of Buckinghamshire Learning Trust Early Years Service 

Following the transfer of the Buckinghamshire Learning Trust Early Years Service to Buckinghamshire County Council all web information is now here on the Early Years Web  - Early Years Service (formerly BLT) and email addresses have changed from name@learningtrust.net to name@buckscc.gov.uk (e.g. cmorgan@learningtrust.net is now cmorgan@buckscc.gov.uk)

Early Help Review

Due to the strength of feeling of families and local communities the decision has been made to delay the plans to change how early help services are delivered in Buckinghamshire. More details are available here.



Last updated 20/06/18

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